We build drum risers and staging solutions that fit your needs, whether you’re part of a bar band, a church band or a marching band. We’ve got a sweet solution for you. Can be used in Bars & Clubs, Coffee Houses, Churches, Schools, DJ's, Music Stores, Retail Stores, Full Production Stages and more.

 Load them up and take them on the road in your van or truck. Laying flat it takes up very little room so you will still have plenty of room for your equiptment. One person is all it takes to set-up our riser in just minutes. Sweet and simple, no bolts, pins or screws.

 Are you having an event or just like to try one out for a day? Give us a call and we will be glad to help you out.

 Our risers are Rock Solid, Affordable, Portable and American made by hand.
We’re the sweet choice and we’ll deliver sweet results, so order yours today.

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7'x 5'4"x 16" $499.00


8'x8'x16" Full Stage $749.00