Drum Risers and Stage Solutions

Created and built by a drummer with musicians and drummers in mind.

sw 1b

8' wide x 6' deep x 16" high, pictured  $599.00

* Portable * Sets up in minutes * Very strong, sturdy and safe *


8'x 24' Full Stage Production

8'x24' Full Stage Production Fitting

What size stage do you need? We will make it to FIT.

Email Us to place your order.

The Newest 7'x 5'4"x16"

with custom eye holes and decreased weight.

Only weights 155 lbs.

sr 902 7x5x16

This is my Favorite, it is so easy to handle and put together, and still only $499.00.

sr 903 7x5x16

sr 904 7x5x16